Products: ROTRANS™

ROTRANS™ is the most advanced and high performance rotary connector linking a rotating test item, (motors, turbines, ball-bearings etc) to a stationary measuring instrument.

Original Equipment Manufacturer, respectively serial production up to several thousand units per year, made according your specifications from
prototype to serial production.

On the basis of a specification sheet we can define together, an offer will be made.

Made according your specifications from unit piece. Example:

  • ROTRANS - 02 - HV (40 kV electrostatic version for oil film rupture measurement)
  • ROTRANS - 12 - R (cylindrical version with mounting brackets)
  • ROTRANS POWER (version for high power, high Amperage)

Coupling according to ROTRANS™ specifications:

  • According your special wishes and application needs

We can propose the most adapted coupling for your application. Please indicate us the speed, the radial / axial / angular displacement, the description of the application.

ROTRANS™ technology without a slip ring is an arc-free system and gives the opportunity to reach speeds of 42'000 rpm and higher, therefore giving excellent conditions for transmission.

The ROTRANS™ technology is the only way to reach this performance. Appreciate in R&D laboratories, for its very low inertia, its small size, its insensibility to electromagnetic disturbance and ease of use.
ROTRANS™ is the ideal measurement transmitter.

It is well suited for the transmission of electrical signals from:

  • Thermocouples
  • Strain-gauges
  • Accelerometers
  • Pressure transducers
  • Video / Audio signals
  • Other transducers

ROTRANS™ has an optional integrated speed pick-up module.

ROTRANS™ enables transmission of a 1 to 1 signal ratio from the rotating item to the fixed measurement instrument thanks to its technology, without any alteration that a slip-ring or a telemetry system could generate.

ROTRANS™ is delivered in a wooden case
in order to protect it during transport and in your laboratory