About us

Jordil Technic is a technology engineering company created in 2001.

With years of experience in electrical commutation and transmission, we now launch our product ROTRANS™ in different variations and continue the development of specific rotary transmitters.

Jordil Technic with ROTRANS is the Leader in liquid metal transmission.

Rotary transmitters product family

We have experience in:

- R & D, (CAD, FMEA)

- Standard ISO 9'000 / 14’000

- Production

- High precision components

- Quality surveying

For you, two important points are certainly:

1. A quick and efficient service

2. Continuous product improvement, in terms of:

        - Product conception
        - Process
        - Machines & tools

We can provide:

  • Standard products
  • Customised products
  • OEM products
  • Consulting for rotary transmission

all of these products are based on ROTRANS™ high performance technology

Why work with us ?

- A fast reply to any of your questions


- Rapid, by delivery and after sales service


We will give you full satisfaction !

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